My Cancer, My Cure

An Alternative Approach to Disease or any illness without the side effects of conventional medicine at Miracle Meadows

Join me on my journey to optimal health after  being diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, a terminal blood cancer. Discover how I beat this disease without surgery, chemotherapy or drugs of any kind!


About Mindy,

My name is Mindy, and I spent four years researching and playing human guinea pig on myself to find optimal health. I'm not a scholar, nor have a Ph. D., but I have found the secret to staying at the "O" stage of cancer without surgery, chemotherapy, or drugs of any kind.

I'm just like you, a regular hard working daughter, sister, wife, mother of two, and grandmother of three who was disappointed with the medical profession and NOT willing to give into whatever this illness was that I had. No matter how many doctors I went to, no one could really tell me why I was so weak and sick. All I knew was I found myself in a state of chronic infection, illness and at times bed ridden. After seeing a multiple of specialists for some chronic conditions with no answers, I finally went back to my family doctor. He said, "let's start from scratch," and ordered a complete blood work up. The results were an accumulation of my worst fears, and I found myself struggling to grasp the strength to digest it. My white blood cell count was abnormally high and at that time I was diagnosed with Leukemia. Leukemia? No,how could that be? At that moment my life just fell apart. I felt all the blood drain from my face and my heart sink into the depths of an abyss I had never felt before, even as my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. I suddenly thought I was going to pass out. Cancer. I had Cancer. The one word that no one wants to hear from their healthcare provider and definitely not the diagnosis I was looking for. I just sat there in disbelief. How was I going to tell my family? How was I going to tell my husband and children that I now had cancer after all they had been through with me; the fatigue; the infections; the illness?

I couldn't believe it!

Anyone who has been diagnosed with any form of cancer, knows that sick feeling in the pit of the stomach, that moment when your brain can't wrap itself around that information. I've had difficult things happen in my life, but this topped them all. Now I had to drive home and tell my husband and children. My husband had to work that day - the one appointment he couldn't make. I felt so alone, so empty, so scared.

That was the longest drive home in my life. Even though it was only four miles, it seemed like it took forever. I felt like I was in a black hole with no way out - I just felt numb. I got home and sat on the couch for a moment to collect my thoughts. I picked up the phone and called my husband at work. My voice was shaking. I told him I had just gotten home from my doctors visit and I was fine, however, I needed to have more tests run because I had now been diagnosed with Leukemia.  There was silence on the other end of the phone. He then asked if I was okay. I said, "yes, just numb." He said he'd be home as soon as possible. His world had just fallen apart also. I sat on the couch with my two little dogs, still trying to wrap my brain around what I was just told. 

A few weeks later, I was sent to a cancer specialist and it was confirmed I had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. That was in October of 2009. The holidays were approaching fast and I was worse than ever. I was dehydrated and losing a pound a day. I was so scared and these next few months were tough for me. I could feel myself spiraling down to a deep depression. I was not looking forward to the holidays at all that year and found myself experiencing the regular emotions that all cancer patients go through.

The denial, the hate, the pity and the depression. I not only was sick and weak, I was now in a state of mind that I felt I almost couldn't get out of. I was so scared! I felt the process of just giving up and giving in taking over my body and mind.

Then just before Christmas that year, I remember being wrapped in a blanket, sitting by the fire trying to keep my bones warm thinking, this is just not right. I can't believe the Lord wanted this for me. I saw the scared look in my children's eyes as they saw me melting away to just skin and bones. How could I do that to them or my husband? They didn't deserve that. They had been nothing but supportive through this whole mess and they didn't deserve to have to bury me. I didn't deserve that. I wasn't a bad person. I spent my whole life trying to do for others. But maybe that was the point . . . maybe it was time to do for me. So I got myself up and decided to fix what was broken.

"My Spirit"


With a diagnosis of no hope, I had forgotten what was really important in life. I was letting the word "Cancer" take over my very being. I had forgotten who I was and I was letting my spirit die. I was "Mindy." I was a "fighter." I was not a "disease." So my mission to figure out why I found myself in this life threatening situation had now begun. As my journey to stay alive move forward, it became crystal clear that "KNOWLEDGE IS THE POWER OF HEALING!"

In researching my own disease, I found that all illness is related in some form. This book is about illness and disease of all kinds, not just mine. It's about people that have heart disease, auto-immune disease, IBS, prostate cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, Crohn's disease, diabetes, depression, asthma, or something as simple as the aging process. It doesn't matter whether you're young or old, male or female, or even your race, the mechanics of the human body are the same. It's about all of us!

My journey and this book is about why the body becomes ill and diseased in the first place, and how to help it heal itself!

So ask yourself this question . . .  is living with disease, being in a wheelchair, taking all kinds of prescription or over the counter drugs, being overweight, or feeling sick and unhappy . . . really the way you want to live the rest of your life?

If the answer is "NO," then you need to read this life changing information I have found and my journey to optimal health. It's that eye opening!!

 It's what conventional medicine doesn't tell you.

This information has changed my life and I believe it will change yours too. Today I'm back to walking two miles a day, taking care of my grandchildren, working our farm here at Miracle Meadows, and running my Commercial Cleaning business. That's a far cry from being diseased and at times bed ridden seven years ago. I have figured out how to control my health and stay at the ground "O" stage of cancer without surgery, chemotherapy, or drugs of any kind. 

So come follow my journey and find your healing!

"My Cancer, My Cure" a book by Mindy Lee.      ©  2015

Cancer and illness are not only debilitating physically and emotionally, they can also be devastating financially. And many times the people that need this eye opening, life saving information the most . . .  can't afford it due to the expense of conventional medicine. Please help a person that can't afford a book or the cost of herbs by making a donation today. Thank you for helping someone that's suffering.