My Cancer, My Cure

An Alternative Approach to Disease or any illness without the side effects of conventional medicine at Miracle Meadows

Join me on my journey to optimal health after  being diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, a terminal blood cancer. Discover how I beat this disease without surgery, chemotherapy or drugs of any kind!

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Miracle Meadows would love to hear your feedback so we can better serve you. We're also here to lend a helping hand with information or as your support team. Illness... no matter how big or small, needs a shoulder to lean on at times and we're proud to offer you the softest shoulder out there. You are not alone!

"My Cancer, My Cure" a book by Mindy Lee.      ©  2015

Cancer and illness are not only debilitating physically and emotionally, they can also be devastating financially. And many times the people that need this eye opening, life saving information the most . . .  can't afford it due to the expense of conventional medicine. Please help a person that can't afford a book or the cost of herbs by making a donation today. Thank you for helping someone that's suffering.