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Join me on my journey to optimal health after  being diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, a terminal blood cancer. Discover how I beat this disease without surgery, chemotherapy or drugs of any kind!

Momma Mimi's Spices 

In this journey of mine to find optimal health, I have made it my mission to find only the best supplements and farm fresh food for my body.
This was a very important factor in fighting my cancer.

In my quest to find food to nourish my body, I found that many herbs and spices were imperative to good health and healing. After months of research, I found myself with dozens of shaker bottles in my kitchen. And when it was time to proper a meal, I'd have to pull those dozens of shakers out of the cabinet. The only problem with having a cabinet full of spices, was forgetting to use them.

Then one day while cooking, I decided I needed to simplify my life. Well, after a month of foul tasting combinations, I finally found the right proportions and a taste that makes you want more. Thus Momma Mimi's Spices was created.

Momma Mimi's Spices is a carefully blended combination of "organic" spices that are not only said to help the body heal, but also helps in aiding weight loss. This special blend of organic spices are said to help in:

1. reducing inflammation from pain and the inflammation that causes weight gain
2. managing hunger
3. increasing the body's ability to burn calories, carbohydrates, and fat by thermogenic effects
4. speeding up metabolism, which increases metabolic function and heightens weight loss
5. reducing the amount of glucose present in blood, which controls blood sugar and insulin levels
6. utilizing nutrients more effectively in the body for optimal health
7. lowering levels of LDL cholesterol
8. reducing appetite and cutting cravings
9. lymphatic drainage, which boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body and blood
10. relieving digestion problems such as acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, gas, constipation and diarrhea
11. anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer response, due to responding as an agent of defense
12. obtaining all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids in the proper ratio for optimal health
13. obtaining a complete source of protein
14. obtaining magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, iron and zinc
15. obtaining fiber and improving bowel function
16. obtaining vitamin E, which helps boost immune function
17. improving energy levels, blood pressure, hair, nails and eases joint and arthritis pain
18. obtaining protein with 65% globulin, which make antibodies

19. killing the yeast and bacteria in the small intestine, which is one of the main reasons we become diseased or overweight in the first place (yeast and bacteria colonizing in what should be basically a sterile area)

Momma Mimi's Spices contains a special blend of delectable zestiness, but not too zesty tasting spices that makes you want more. It's just the right combination of spicy, but sweet. Something the whole family will enjoy.

I use Momma Mimi's in cooking and/or seasoning up a meal after it's prepared. I also sprinkle a little on the first mouthful of a special treat such as when I have a cup of home-made ice cream or a freshly baked home-made cookie. I sprinkle a little on the first bit. This sets the digestion mode for absorption and later elimination. Not to mention Momma Mimi's aids in small portion control and helps detour cravings so you are more apt to have just one.

One of my favorite meals to use Momma Mimi's Spices is with grass fed farm fresh chicken which I purchase from a local farmer here in Connecticut.  It's very important to make sure what you eat is organic, fresh and local. So find the organic farms in your area today.

Momma Mimi's is now available locally in the Willington, Ct area. To order, please contact us at:



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